Can I place an order without registering?

No, you have to register as a member to place an order. However, you can still browse products and check out the GREAT Food Hall website before you register. Registration is free and there is no obligation to shop after you have registered. Register now!

How do I start shopping?
There are several ways to start selecting products:
  • Shop by category - from Products in the Top Navigation menu or Select Department in the Left Navigation menu, and browse through the menus to find the category that the sought item belongs to. Click the selected category and all items under the category will be displayed.
  • Shop by product search - to search a specific product, type the product name, brand name or a relevant keyword in the search box located under the Top Navigation menu. Press enter or . Search results will be displayed.
  • Shop from a previous order - visit [Order Records & Tracking] and click of the order that you want to view. A list of products from your selected previous order will be displayed. You may buy all products or individual products from this list.
  • Shop from a shopping list - buy your favourite items from [My Shopping List]. You may create as many shopping lists as you like that contain items you regularly buy. You may then simply place an order through your shopping list. This is also a great way to organise the products that you shop for regularly.
How is the total purchase amount calculated when I order items by weight?
  • Total purchase amount is provisional, and should be taken as reference only. For prices that are determined by the weight of products, 5% of your total purchase amount will be held and reserved from your Visa or MasterCard account. The actual cost of your order will be charged to your account and shown on your receipt when your order is delivered.
  • For example: If you buy 200g of red grapes at $13/100g with a total purchase amount of $500, $25 will be reserved when you check out. The total purchase amount will be $525. If the weight of the red grapes is determined to be 220g, the actual amount charged will be $528.60 ($500 + 2.2 x $13).
  • We try our best to give you the exact weight that you order, but the ultimate weight may be slightly lower or higher.
How do I check out?
When you are ready to check out:
  • Click the [Shopping Cart] button under the Top Navigation menu. The full list of items in your shopping cart will be shown.
  • Click [Checkout] at the bottom of the shopping cart.
  • Select your payment method and e-coupon (if any) on the left panel.
  • Review your selected products, then click if the details are correct, or change quantity if needed.
  • Review your delivery details, delivery address, preferred delivery date & time, and input special instructions if you have any, then click
  • Review the finalised details of your order. When you are ready to submit your order, click to complete the procedure.
  • An online receipt will be displayed with the order number and delivery details. You will also receive an email confirming your order at your corresponding email address.

Your shopping will be delivered to your door during the delivery time you select.

Is there any payment limit for online shopping?

For security reasons, the total cost of your order cannot exceed HK$10,000 if you are paying by Visa or MasterCard.

How do I use an e-coupon?
  • When you log in to your account, you will find the e-coupon information in your account on the Welcome page. If you do not have any e-coupons, this section will not appear.
  • You can also check your e-coupon information by visiting your Account Info page. Click [E-coupon] in the My Profile section.
  • You can select the e-coupon you want to use when you check out. The value of your selected e-coupon will automatically be deducted from the total amount of your order.
  • E-coupons are only redeemable upon fulfilling the stated minimum spending requirement.
How can I check my order status and details of my previous orders?
  • You can check your order status and the details of your previous orders by visiting your Account Info, then selecting [Order Records & Tracking]. A shortcut is also located at the bottom of the [Shopping Cart].
  • A list of your previous orders will be shown, with any of the following statuses:
    • Order Confirmed
    • Picking
    • Delivering
    • Order Completed
    • Delivery Failed
    • Order Cancelled
  • Click on the order that you want to view.
  • Details about your selected order will be shown including order date and time, order number, total amount, ordered products and quantities, current prices of ordered products, and special offers on the ordered products (if any).
  • You can add products from your previous orders into your shopping cart or shopping list.
How can I update my personal information?
  • Log in to your account.
  • You will find the button on the Welcome page or above the Top Navigation menu.
  • Click and you will see Personal Details. Update your personal information, and then click .
  • Review your updated information and click to complete the process.
How do I send my order to a different address?

You can send your orders to locations other than your registered delivery address(es). You can register as many delivery addresses as you like into your account for your future orders.
To add a delivery address, follow these steps:

  • Ensure you are registered and logged in.
  • Click above the Top Navigation menu.
  • On the Personal Details page, you will see the delivery address(es) that you have provided before.
  • Click and blank address fields will be shown.
  • Enter the information into the specified fields and click .

Alternatively, you can add a new address or change the delivery district when you check out, but the available quantity of the selected products in your shopping cart may be changed as you change the delivery district. Each district offers different product ranges and stock.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?
  • Click FORGOT PASSWORD on the Login Page.
  • If you are an individual user, you will need to fill in your username and your mobile phone no. If you are a corporate user, you will need to fill in your username and your company phone number. We will use this information to verify your identity, so please make sure you have the required information before proceeding.
  • After you submit the above information and follow our verification process, we will create a new password and send it to your corresponding email address. You may use the new password to log in.
How do I add products to my personal shopping list?
  • You can create multiple shopping lists in your account. These allow you to put different products into shopping lists with different names or usages. This is a good way to organise the products that you shop for regularly.
  • Simply click to add a product into your selected shopping list.
  • You can also place products from your previous orders into your shopping lists.

Security and Technical FAQ

What browsers does greatfoodhall.com support?

greatfoodhall.com supports Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above, Safari 4 or above, and Chrome 10 or above. These browsers support HTML tables, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), cookies and JavaScript, all of which are required to use greatfoodhall.com. Please set your browser to display at 100% for standard support.

How can I set my screen resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels for the best browsing experience?

For optimal browsing and shopping at greatfoodhall.com, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer 7.0 and set your screen resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels (minimum) with full color support.
If you use Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows NT:

  • Click [Start], [Settings], [Control Panel] and then [Display].
  • Click [Settings] and set your screen resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels.
  • Click [Apply] and then restart your computer.
What can I do if images or functions of the shopping cart have not loaded properly?

If you use Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, click [View] and then [Refresh], or press F5.

How does greatfoodhall.com protect my personal information?

Your online shopping login and password are your first level of protection. On the technical side, we minimise unauthorised disclosure of your personal information by setting up a secure session between our web server and your web browser. This means your browser will automatically encrypt your login ID and password when you submit that information to us.
At the checkout, we establish another secure session so that any payment and delivery details you provide us are encrypted again.

What is a secure session?

Normally, web servers return web page information to you via the HTTP protocol. Although suitable for general web surfing, HTTP is insecure and makes no attempt to hide information or verify that information has been transferred without being altered.
A secure session is one established through the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts information sent between your web browser and our web servers so that it cannot be read by anyone else.
We automatically set up a secure session when you first log in to your account, then again when you confirm your order.

When I log in, I see dialog boxes talking about security. What are they?

Your browser has been configured to be secure and it is informing you that you are entering a secure session. It will also inform you when you leave a secure session.

What are cookies, and why does greatfoodhall.com use them?

Cookies are small snippets of data that allow greatfoodhall.com to maintain context while you are browsing around the site. We also use cookies to remember things like your display preferences and the current contents of your shopping cart. Your preferences are persistent cookies, and will exist the next time you start your browser. Your shopping cart is not persistent and will be empty the next time you log in.
We do not determine any information about you using cookies, other than any information you freely submit to us via web forms. For example, we do not use cookies to extract your name or email address, even if you haven't given us that information on the site before.
Some web browsers are configured to warn you if a page contains cookies, and will warn you every time a page attempts to use one. Cookies cannot harm your system or divulge any personal information about you, so it is safe for you to allow them.
We recommend that you configure your browser to allow cookies as you will not be able to shop at greatfoodhall.com without them.

Why does greatfoodhall.com use JavaScript, and is it safe?

We use JavaScript to enhance the pages you receive. For example, we use it to calculate the updated cost of your order every time you put a new item in your shopping cart.
Without Javascript, our website would not load properly, and would be extremely difficult to use.