Le Creuset

Trusted in kitchens around the world, Le Creuset is one of the most distinguished French cookware brands, best-known for its premium quality enamelled cast iron range first introduced in 1925. Its products are completely unique in design and functionality, each piece hand-crafted to the highest standards by skilled artisans. Thanks to its durability, reliable performance and innovative style, Le Creuset remains the number one choice of top chefs and cooking enthusiasts worldwide.

Popular Picks

For cookware that makes a difference, Le Creuset's timeless cast iron pieces deserve a spot in your kitchen and on your dining table. The most coveted include the Round French Oven, a convenient multi-purpose pot, while the traditional Marmite pot is unrivalled for stews, soups and Oriental cuisine. For expert pot roasting and baking, the Round Casserole is sure to impress, as will the Square Skillet Grill, ideal for low-fat cooking with a robust char-grilled flavour.

  • Round French Oven
  • Round French Oven
  • Marmite
  • Square Skillet Grill