Alluflon Moneta

Few companies in Italy can lay claim to over 100 years of history; Alluflon Moneta is among them. Perfecting luxury cookware since 1875, Moneta's continued success stems from its relentless pursuit of excellence, in both quality and design. Its innovative Ceramica non-stick series of ceramic-coated pots and pans, produced using the latest technology, brings a revolution to the kitchen – ensuring consistent and healthy cooking results ideal for professionals and home gourmet cooks alike.

Popular Picks

Experience the wonders Moneta's Ceramica collection will do to your cooking. Many vouch for the avant-garde quadrangular Forma Frypan, the Total White Casserole with Glass Lid offering superb styling and functionality, and also the induction-compatible Magnetica Wok and Saucepan with Glass Lid designed to give you greater cooking freedom.

  • Magnetica Wok
  • Total White Casserole
  • Magnetica Saucepan
  • Forma Frypan