Famous French chocolatier Valrhona is constantly exploring and renewing its chocolate ranges to bring intense tasting experiences to its customers. Since 1992, Valrhona has been leveraging its expertise as planter, sourcing expert, blender and creator of fine chocolates to make its name synonymous with quality and excellence. Discover the exceptional texture and taste of Valrhona's finest chocolates, from the aromatic intensity of the Grands Crus to the delectable Equinoxe range.

Popular Picks

Savour the taste of the top-selling Guanaja which comes in 70g bars or in squares; artisan chocolate Bonbons; or the Degustation Grands Crus collection comprising 52 squares of terroir chocolates identified by region (Tanariva 33%, Taïnori 64%, Caraïbe 66% and Guanaja 70%).

  • Artisan Chocolate Bonbons
  • Guanja Square
  • Grands Crus Collection
  • Guanaja Tablet